Récolte du café pendant COVID

Harvesting is one of the most important activities in the Specialty Coffee  calendar. Therefore, any inappropriate harvesting practice can mean that all the previous efforts taken over many years in the nursery and at the farm can be jeopardized.  At Cuatro...

Promouvoir un sol sain pour protéger nos fermes

In the last few weeks the heavy rains from hurricanes Eta and Iota have caused significant flooding, landslides and even washed away roads here in Chiriqui province. This was especially evident in the Tierras Altas district and towns of Cerro Punta, Paso Ancho, and...

Expérience sensorielle et café de spécialité

The specialty coffee industry has realized that if coffee is processed as a gourmet product by managing a selective harvesting cycle, by varietal, ensuring the ripeness of the cherries, and efficient drying systems, we can obtain amazing and unique flavor...
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