Specialty Coffee From Panama

Qu'est-ce que le café de spécialité? 

It isn’t your regular morning brew… It’s a combination of quality and care, from the meticulous selection of beans to the artistry in brewing. This coffee is about experiencing flavors that tell a story of their origin and the hands that nurtured them.

The Journey from Bean to Cup

It begins with the perfect climate and soil, moves through the hands of skilled farmers, and lands in the expertise of roasters, coffee connoisseurs and baristas who transform it into the masterpiece in your cup.

The Origins of Specialty Coffee

A Global Perspective – Single origin coffee has roots that span across continents, from the highlands of Ethiopia to the volcanic soils of Central America. Each region has its unique fingerprint on the beans, contributing to the wide array of flavors.

Understanding Quality and Grades of Craft Coffee

The SCAA Standards – Learn about the rigorous standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) that define what makes coffee truly “specialty”.

Grading and Cupping – Grading coffee is an art and science, involving detailed inspections and cupping sessions where experts sip and taste, scoring the coffee on various attributes. This is no easy process, but someone has to do it…

The Art of Brewing

Equipment Essentials – From burr grinders to pour-over kettles, the right tools can improve your coffee experience.

Brewing Techniques – Explore various brewing methods – whether it be French press, espresso, or cold brew – and how each technique unlocks different flavors and profiles from the same bean.


Enjoying premium café de spécialité will definitely improve your appreciation for coffee and connects you to a global community of producers, roasters, and enthusiasts. It’s not just about the caffeine; it’s about enjoying every sip and understanding the story behind it.

If you’ve been looking for premium coffee then look no further! All of our coffee is produced in limited quantities – so grab yours while you can!


What distinguishes specialty coffee from regular coffee?

Specialty coffee scores above 80 points on a 100-point scale by SCAA standards, focusing on unique flavors, high-quality beans, and sustainable sourcing.

Where can I try specialty coffee?

 Begin by visiting local specialty cafes and talking to baristas, attending coffee tastings, or subscribing to coffee subscription services that offer beans from different regions.

Can I brew specialty coffee at home without expensive equipment?

Absolutely! While some equipment can improve your experience, simple methods like French press or pour-over are great for beginners and don’t require a big investment.

How does the origin of coffee beans affect their flavor?

 The climate, soil, altitude, and processing methods in each region can significantly influence the flavor profile of coffee, resulting in a wide range of tastes and aromas. All of our coffee is grown in high altitude and nutrient-rich soil located in the mountains of Boquete, Panama ensuring that our coffee delivers the best flavor profile possible

Why is single origin coffee often more expensive?

The price reflects the meticulous care in cultivation, ethical sourcing, and the complex processes involved in producing and roasting high-quality beans.

Our Specialty Coffee is currently available for sale and distribution in USA and Panama. For other regions please inquire through our.

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