Horqueta 2

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Metri di altitudine


Caffè piantato


Descrizione dell'azienda agricola

This 9.3-hectare farm (23 acres) is at an average altitude of 1580-1700 meters above sea level and has around 19,543 trees.

Due to its high altitude and specific topographic features, Geisha was selected as the main varietal for this farm. Under these specific conditions, Geisha exhibits a very intense and high floral profile with acidity, which is extremely desirable in consumer countries.

This farm was acquired in 2015 as “raw land”, and in the 2020/2021 season we will start harvesting the first Geisha beans from the new trees in this plantation.

As we have done in many of our farms, we selected and incorporated different coffee varietals to be produced here. Due to the many different microclimates, similar varietals planted on different farms, will produce slightly different flavour profiles.

Applying this strategy across our entire network of farms, allows us to have a very wide range of microlots to bring to market. Alongside Geisha, we have also planted Typica and Catuai in Horqueta 2.

Se vuoi controllare la fattoria su Google Earth, si trova nelle seguenti coordinate (8.821967, -82.467447).

Farm Cupping Notes

“Pacamara from Horqueta shows a very spicy profile, with notes of pepper and cinnamon, as well as a chocolaty body and delicate acidity.”

Famiglie che vivono e lavorano in questa fattoria

  • Enrique Abrego & Eliva
  • Miguel Carpintero & Raquel Miranda (plus 2 children)
  • Nicanor Pinzon & Rosa Moreno (plus 1 child)
  • Faustino Santos & Edilma Gonzalez (plus 3 children)
  • Lucas Prado & Florentina (plus 1 child)

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