Horqueta 3

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Meters Altitude


Planted coffee


Farm Description

This 6.5-hectare farm (16 acres) is at an average altitude of 1,580 meters and has around 21,106 trees.

Horqueta 3 shares a common border with Horqueta 2 so it made perfect sense logistically to add it to our portfolio.

It was acquired in March 2016 and we began planting in November of the same year. Here, under a dense shade of endemic tree species, we decided to plant the varietals Catuai and Pacamara.

Pacamara is a very unique and popular coffee in the Specialty Coffee industry. Grown primarily in El Salvador, where it frequently dominates the Cup of Excellence competitions for high cup quality.

Pacamara is a cross between two varietals, Pacas and Maragogipe, and is noted as having a flavor profile with a hint of onion!

During the 2020/21 season we will start to have some production of this young generation of plants in our network, to accompany the crop currently being taken off the older, inherited trees.

If you want to check out the farm on Google Earth, it is located in the following coordinates (8.824151, -82.464341)

Farm Cupping Notes

“Pacamara from Horqueta shows a very spicy profile, with notes of pepper and cinnamon, as well as a chocolaty body and delicate acidity.”

Families Living & Working On This Farm

  • Enrique Abrego & Eliva
  • Miguel Carpintero & Raquel Miranda (plus 2 children)
  • Nicanor Pinzon & Rosa Moreno (plus 1 child)
  • Faustino Santos & Edilma Gonzalez (plus 3 children)
  • Lucas Prado & Florentina (plus 1 child)

* Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates is 100% child & slave labor free.

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