Cuatro Caminos

Single Origin Estate Specialty Coffee from Boquete, Panama

Fully Traceable from “seed to bean”

In our “closed loop” processing system



Roasted to Perfection

Each mico-lot is carefully roasted to enhance the profile and flavor notes

5 Unique Editions

From Specialty Terroir to our Estate Blend.

5 unique profiles to match your palate

Our Farms

Boquete, Panama

High Value World Renowned Specialty Coffee Producing Region

Volcanic Soil

Rich, deep volcanic soil. Scientifically balanced soil management.

High Altitude

High-altitude farms between 1,500-1,800+ meters means slow growth trees with highest quality coffee cherries


Our “Art of Coffee Science” means expertly developed farms designed to produce the highest quality specialty coffee.

Ideal Micro-Climates

Steep slopes. Shade Grown. Strategic planting. Ideal weather for the very best coffee.


Something for every taste. Traceable and sustainably grown.


World-famous and considered one of the best coffees.


A very versatile coffee with a sweet characteristic.


Recognized by its well-pronounced acidity related to  citric or lemony flavor notes.


An excellent cup profile with intense acidity, floral notes and very sweet after taste.


High productivity with big cherries and seeds that are large and oval in shape.


Expand your selection further for the most discerning coffee patron


Using  this processing method, which has been used for thousands of years, the coffee cherry is passively dried before removing all its fruity layers of skin and pulp, which leads to a more fruity or fermented flavor profile. Once dried, the layers are then removed.


A washed coffee is a coffee which has had its various fruit layers removed before drying begins. At Cuatro Caminos we remove the mucilage mechanically in order to save water.

Dynamic Fermentation System

An exciting new process created at Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estate, where we ferment coffee cherries in a rotative tank, promoting a homogeneous fermentation.


Vertically Integrated From Seed to Bean. We own the entire value chain

From The Seed

Proprietary nursery with select varietals. Environmentally sustainable management.

On The Farm

Sustainable engineered farms. Individually managed trees.  Hand picked cherries.


Traceable – origin, varietals and harvest date tracking. Closed loop, environmentally friendly processing.


Classified. Batch coding and lot tracking. Fully rested for 100% flavor profile development. Ready for shipping.

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