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Oct 24, 2020News

Since the very beginning, our socially sustainable pillar has been a key cornerstone on which we built and developed our company.

This is why, as a key part of our business model, we take a full 20% of the gross operating profit from each farm and place it into a bonus pool.

This pool is used to provide education, vastly improved living conditions for our workers and their families, and much, much more.

One of our most successful programs has been our Scholar Program for children and adults.

Cuatro Caminos provides every child of our farming team an educational bonus each year. This bonus covers the cost of school supplies for the year as well as uniforms and the tuition payment.

This may not sound like a lot but the cost of these supplies alone is what prevents most coffee farmers children from not being able to attend school and missing out on getting an education.

We started out with 7 kids in the program, and by now we have 57 kids of different school ages, from kindergarten to high school, all enrolled in the scholar program and attending school.

And we have some adults returning to finish their high school education too!

As a result, our workers feel appreciated and supported by the company and we have developed a long term relationship with them. This is one of the reasons why, at Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates, our labor turnover rate is extremely low.

If you want to know more about the social impact in our community here in Boquete, please read the full article.
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