Geisha & Pacamara Natural Specialty Coffee Bundle

Geisha & Pacamara Natural Specialty Coffee Bundle

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Geisha & Pacamara Specialty Coffee – “The Legacy Bundle”

A Coffee Lovers Dream: Rare Pacamara and Geisha Coffee

Brew a cup of our Legacy Bundle and take a journey through the lush landscapes of Finca Horqueta 1 from the aroma to the robust flavor profile of the coffee. This bundle features our remarkable Limited Edition Pacamara and our Single Estate Geisha coffee, this bundle encapsulates the essence of rare, café de spécialité.

Geisha and Pacamara Arabica Coffee Bundle

Handpicked from micro-lots and processed with care, each sip promises an unparalleled taste experience, bringing the richness of volcanic soil and the unique micro-climates directly to your cup.

Geisha & Pacamara Natural Coffee Bundle:

Enjoy a wide array of flavors with our Limited Edition Pacamara and Single Estate Geisha Specialty Coffee Bundle. Grown at the heart of Finca Horqueta 1, these coffees offer a peek into the origin of the beans.

Arabica Coffee Tree

The Pacamara, a precious hybrid between Maragogype and Pacas, offers a complex flavor profile with notes of caramel, floral, banana, and blueberry, finished with a clean aftertaste.

The Geisha, cultivated at higher altitudes, presents a fine balance of floral fragrances, citric acidity and a sweet, slim body, enhanced in its Natural version for deeper fruit flavors. Together, the two coffees represent the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship, offering a rare and exclusive tasting experience.

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