Loma de Los Cedros



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Planted coffee


Farm Description

This 7.2-hectare farm (18 acres) is at an average altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level and has around 36,150 trees.

Our second acquisition, formerly known as Finca Damarli, named after the previous owner’s daughter, is a beautiful farm located near Volcancito.

The farm is situated in the shadow of the famous Volcan Baru volcano, the source of the rich volcanic soil that makes Boquete coffee so desirable.

Previously owned by one of Panama’s most prominent families, this farm has some illustrious neighbors!

The rich volcanic soil and high elevation combine to produce amazing high-altitude coffee. Added to the ample supply of water and natural shade all the ingredients are there to make the coffee from Loma de Los Cedros some of the best in town!

Geisha from Loma de Los Cedros has become one of the most elegant and beautiful geisha profiles we have had so far, and in 2019, we started the replanting process with this in-demand varietal, planting it among the old Catuai trees

A barista from Nanna Coffee Roasters in Thailand chose a micro-lot of Geisha from this very farm to use as his entry for the National Syphon Championships 2019.

He gave a detailed explanation about our farms, our social programs and of course the flavor profile of our Geisha to a large international audience…and prepared our coffee for the judges to evaluate, and claimed Second Place.

If you want to check out the location on Google Earth, the farm is located at 08 degrees 46 minutes 28 seconds North latitude 82 degrees 28 minutes 17 seconds West Longitude

Farm Cupping Notes

“Red Catuai from Loma de los Cedros, offers an elegant, clean cup. A bright acidity of oranges notes are well balanced with a smooth body.”

“Geisha from Loma de Los Cedros has the classic and elegant profile of Geishas from Panama. Jasmine, peach and lime notes are present and well balanced with a citric acidity. Last year, our Loma de los Cedros washed Geisha and participated in the Symphonist Competition in Thailand, reaching the Second Place”.

Families Living & Working On This Farm

  • Hilario & Guillermina Miranda (plus 5 children)
  • Guillermo Miranda
  • Reinel Miranda

* Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates is 100% child & slave labor free.

  • 沒有產品在購物車中。