Bourbon vs Caturra: What’s a Varietal & Why Should I Care?

11月 28, 2016ニュース

So you’ve been hearing the word “varietal” floating around. Or maybe you’ve been looking at your coffee packaging and wondering exactly what the difference between a Caturra and a Catimor is. Never fear, because in today’s video guide Amber, representing Seattle Coffee Gear, examines the fine grind of the issue.

Species, Varietal, Cultivar: What Do They Mean?

The main coffee species are Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. When you’re drinking specialty, it will most probably be Arabica (although there are exceptions). As Amber explains, any naturally occurring subspecies is called a 品種, and any cultivated one a 栽培品種. These are your Bourbons, Caturras, Catimors, Catuais, Geishas, Pacamaras… and more!

But why is this important? And what’s the relationship between all these subspecies? Watch this short and sweet video to find out:

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Each varietal has a different profiles, so start taking notes of what you’re drinking. You’ll soon discover where your preferences lie.

Feature photo credit: Marcelo Corrêa

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