La India

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Meters Altitude


Planted coffee


Farm Description

This 16.8 hectare farm (42 acres) is located at 1,700 meters above sea level and has 36,000 trees.

This is one of the highest altitude farms we have in our portfolio and is located in one of the best coffee growing regions in Boquete. In the past, coffee from this farm has won many prestigious awards due to its high quality and complexity of flavors.

Our La India Catuai Natural shows notes of cherry, blueberry, and ripe fruit well balanced with a creamy body, intense acidity, and long-lasting aftertaste.

A complex coffee that has become one of the most popular coffees in our portfolio, for our end consumers nationally and internationally.

The farm is divided between inherited coffee trees, belonging to the Catuai varietal and newly planted coffee trees from the Geisha and Catuai varietal.

Cupping out as some of the highest scoring coffee in our portfolio, all the coffee’s from La India are proving extremely popular with our clients in Japan.

If you want to check out the farm on Google Earth, it is located in the following coordinates…(8.775553, -82.373337)

Farm Cupping Notes

“La India Catuai Natural shows notes of cherry, blueberry and ripe fruit well balanced with a creamy body, intense acidity and long-lasting aftertaste.”

Families Living & Working On This Farm

  • Antonio & Adelina Pinzon (plus 5 children)
  • Jose Luis & Micaila Pinzon (plus 5 children)
  • Adbiel Guerra & Benilda Pinzon (plus 2 children)
  • Marcelino Montero
  • Jose Antonio Pinzon

* Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates is 100% child & slave labor free.

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