Jaramillo 8Ha



Meters Altitude


Farm Description

This 8-hectare farm (20 acres) is located at 1,400 – 1,500 meters above sea level and has 18,400 trees.

Situated at the entrance to our cluster of 4 farms in this Jaramillo region, and located nearest to the road, this farm was chosen on which to build the main workers housing and storage facilities for the area.

Some housing was put in place when the farm was acquired back in 2016, which has now been fully renovated and expanded to accommodate the increased number of workers needed to reside full time in this area to handle the coffee production and planting for over 70 hectares of coffee farmland.

Just as on the other farms, the housing is equipped with electricity, running water gas stoves, flush toilets and a septic system. Basic necessities that are not common in “producing” countries.

As well as housing, a major road project was undertaken to create access to this previously unfarmed land.

Due to the amount of shade cover, soil quality and microclimate, we elected to plant Typica and Geisha on this farm.

If you want to take a look at this farm, please take a look at these coordinates (8.764970102347434, -82.38283325918019)

Families Living & Working On This Farm

  • Antonio & Adelina Pinzon (plus 5 children)
  • Jose Luis & Micaila Pinzon (plus 5 children)
  • Adbiel Guerra & Benilda Pinzon (plus 2 children)
  • Marcelino Montero
  • Jose Antonio Pinzon

* Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates is 100% child & slave labor free.

Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates

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