Jaramillo 14 Ha



Meters Altitude


Farm Description

This 14-hectare farm (35 acres) is between 1500-1650 meters above sea level and has 42,300 trees.

Acquired in October 2016, this farm is located between Jaramillo 8 and Jaramillo 12, sharing common borders and made perfect sense to add to our portfolio, providing easier access to all 3 farms and economies of scale as we developed this cluster of Jaramillo farms together.

The farm was planted in October 2017 with the following varietals: Geisha, Typica, Caturra, and Catuai.

Located under a natural, dense canopy that protects the coffee trees during summertime, this farm has a vast biodiversity of plants and fungi.

In the highest part of this farm we decided to establish a nursery that will supply the whole Jaramillo region with high-quality seedlings.

Having these remote nurseries is a key strategy in reducing transportation costs, reducing damage to the delicate seedlings during transportation, and enables us to grow the saplings in the same microclimate in which they will eventually be planted.

Just as we implemented in our Horqueta 1 farm, here we implemented the new system of developing a nursery with biodegradable pellets that will help reduce most of the risks we have faced so far, and in parallel, combat the plastics waste issue commonly associated with nurseries.

When ready, these seedlings are directly transplanted into the farms where the support packaging decomposes very quickly and does not restrict root proliferation.

If you want to check out the farm on Google Earth, it is located in the following coordinates (8.7666001, – 82.380795)

Families Living & Working On This Farm

  • Antonio & Adelina Pinzon (plus 5 children)
  • Jose Luis & Micaila Pinzon (plus 5 children)
  • Adbiel Guerra & Benilda Pinzon (plus 2 children)
  • Marcelino Montero
  • Jose Antonio Pinzon

* Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates is 100% child & slave labor free.

Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates

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