Why Panama?

Why Panama?

This is “Why Panama”

Officially home to the best and most expensive coffee ever produced and sold, micro-lots of Geisha from Boquete, Panama broke the world record in 2018 cupping out at 94.7 points.

The resulting coffee lots sold for a staggering $803 lb. at the Best of Panama auction. This coffee was produced by Lamastus Family Estates.

Boquete – World Famous Coffee Region

Probably best known throughout the world as being the home of the Panama Canal, Panama is also famous around the globe for producing amazing Specialty Coffee.

Boquete Facts

  • Boquete district is located in the west of Panama, in Chiriqui province.
  • Temperate climate with temperatures of 28°C max – 12°C min. We have two seasons well defined as dry season from December to March and a raining season from April to December.
  • The town is in a valley surrounded by mountains.  One of them is the third highest point in Central America: “Volcan Barú “with an altitude of 3,475 meters which is the highest point of Panama.
  • Deep volcanic soils with high % of organic matter.
  • All these conditions together contribute to the perfect micro eco-system to produce specialty coffee.

Rich Volcanic Soil & Perfect Micro Climates

The unique combination of altitude, rich volcanic soil, all year round spring-like climate with the right balance of sun, cloud cover, shade and rainfall allows the coffee to grow and ripen slowly, which gives the beans time to develop a rich, deep flavor and unique profiles.

High Altitude Farms

All of Panama’s specialty coffee is produced in the highland area of Chiriqui province, the breadbasket of Panama, and more specifically in the highest mountain areas of Boquete and Volcan.

Central to this whole area is Volcan Baru.

This dormant volcano reaches over 11,400 feet above sea level and is Panama’s highest point. The areas around Volcan Baru provide the ideal natural conditions to produce specialty coffee.

Specialty Coffee

In Panama’s traditionally family-owned smaller plantations, everything is processed by hand.  Coffee farmers in Panama pay very close attention to the coffee that they produce and process in a variety of ways, such as Natural, Honeyed and Washed.

It’s Easy Doing Business

Panama Canal

When growing a product in a “Producing Country” your product will inevitably be sold to a “Consuming Country”. When your product is a hugely in-demand product like coffee, the whole world is your potential end consumer.

Logistics are important and having the Panama Canal on our doorstep is a huge advantage. With access to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as some of the best logistic systems, customs teams and operators in the world.

The recent Panama Canal expansion has further improved the logistic capabilities of this country and it is now seen as “the hub of the Americas”.

World Class Commerce

As a result of the Panama Canal and Panama´s jurisdictional taxation laws, Panama has also become known as the “Singapore of the West”.

Panama is home to around 90 international Banks, dozens of fortune 500 companies and international insurance firms. The majority of the ships in the world are also registered here in Panama.

Add in the fact that Panama uses the US Dollar as its national currency, and you can see how the ease of doing business in Panama is a huge draw for big business.

All of the above combined to give Panama an average GDP growth rate of 7.2 from 2001 to 2013. And averaging 5.5% for 2017 and 2018.

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