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Boquete, Panama





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Single Estate – Geisha Coffee: Bold & Fresh

Enjoy the distinctive flavors of our Single Estate Geisha Coffee, where each cup is a reflection of the unique landscape from which it came from. This coffee is not just brewed; it’s a taste of the specific regions renowned for their exceptional coffee-growing conditions. Every sip offers an intimate connection to the soil, climate and altitude that contribute to the beans’ unparalleled taste profiles.

This noble and recognized variety is cultivated on finca Horqueta 1, one of our farms located in the highlands of the mountainous regions that surround the Boquete Valley, and at altitudes ranging from 1550 to 1700 meters above sea level, with mostly volcanic soils and abundant organic matter, and managed with controlled shade.

Terroir Geisha Specialty Coffee

With a strict selection by maturation at the time of being collected in the farms, thus ensuring, delivery of its maximum quality in its flavor.

This is a coffee with a fine, balanced flavor, with floral notes in its fragrance and aroma, citric acidity of medium intensity. It has a fine and pleasant, sweet flavor and slim body.

In its Natural version, it becomes more complex since this process enhances its very ripe fruit flavors as well as its acidity and body.

A Tribute to Origins

Our Single Estate Geisha Coffee celebrates the diversity of coffee cultivation across the globe. By focusing on single-origin beans, we highlight the individual characteristics that make each region’s coffee unique. This approach ensures a pure, unblended taste that transports coffee aficionados to the very farms where these beans were nurtured.

Why Our Single Estate Geisha Coffee is Incomparable

  • Single-Origin Excellence: Each bean is a testament to its homeland, offering distinct flavors and aromas.
  • Crafted with Precision: Roasted to honor the bean’s origin, enhancing its natural qualities.
  • Authentic Flavor Journey: Experience the essence of each terroir, from fruity to floral, earthy to spicy.
  • Sustainable and Responsible: Direct partnerships with growers ensure ethical practices and premium quality.
  • Rare and Exclusive: Sourced from the most esteemed coffee-growing regions for a truly exceptional cup.

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