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Boquete, Panama





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Limited Edition Pacamara Coffee

As part of our micro-lot, limited edition series we are delighted to introduce Pacamara coffee from Finca Horqueta 1. Sitting at an average of 1,500 meters, with a beautiful natural shade canopy, a year-round water supply from the creek, volcanic soil and unique micro-climates, it has all the natural conditions to produce amazing specialty coffee.

Limited Edition Pacamara Coffee

Pacamara is a cross between Maragogype and Pacas which originated in El Salvador.  This is a plant of small size, short internodes and high productivity, with fruits and large leaves of the Maragogype type. The cherries are big and the seeds are large and oval in shape.

With only a few thousand pounds produced each year this micro lot of Pacamara, processed as Natural, has a very unique and complex flavor profile with caramel, floral and fruity notes, banana and blueberry, juicy acidity, raisins and a clean aftertaste.

  • Exceptional Origin: Grown at an elevation of 1,500 meters in Finca Horqueta 1, this Pacamara coffee benefits from a perfect blend of natural conditions including a volcanic soil, a year-round water supply and a unique micro-climate under a natural shade canopy, ensuring the production of an exceptional specialty coffee.
  • Rare Hybrid Variety: Pacamara is a distinguished cross between the Maragogype and Pacas varieties, originating from El Salvador. Characterized by its small plant size yet high productivity, it produces large cherries and seeds that contribute to its distinctive flavor profile.
  • Limited Edition Micro-Lot: As part of our micro-lot series, this rare Pacamara coffee is processed using the Natural method, yielding only a few thousand pounds each year. Its exclusivity is matched by its complex and unique taste, making it a sought-after variety for coffee connoisseurs.
  • Complex Flavor Profile: This Pacamara offers a rich and complex flavor profile, with a harmonious blend of caramel, floral, and fruity notes. Tasting notes include banana and blueberry, complemented by a juicy acidity, hints of raisins, and a clean aftertaste, making every sip a remarkable experience.

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Simply amazing!!

Great coffee all around! I will be back to try some of the other varietals in the future. Highly recommended!

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