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Boquete, Panama





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Estate Blend Specialty Coffee: The Perfect Mix of Harmony

Introducing our Estate Blend Specialty Coffee, a harmonious fusion of the finest beans hand-selected from our exclusive estate. This blend is a celebration of tradition and expertise, where each bean is cultivated with care and precision, ensuring a cup of coffee that’s rich in history and flavor. It’s not just coffee; it’s a legacy poured into every cup.

Estate Blend Specialty Coffee with coffee beans

This is a blend of Catuai from across our farms, processed as Washed coffee, carefully selected to provide an excellent brew to our customers with a more traditional preference for specialty coffee. 

With 12 coffee farms in our portfolio, strategically located around the Boquete valley, at altitudes varying from 1,300 meters to 1,700 meters, and each with its own unique micro-climate, our carefully curated estate blend captures the essence of Boquete coffee.

Each and every bean is meticulously cared for and picked based on superior standards.

Taste Profile

Balanced and clean, with a lot of character, medium to low acidity, abundant body, good sweetness and a pleasant and long residual flavor.

Why Our Estate Blend Specialty Coffee is Exquisite

  • Harmonious Blending: A symphony of the estate’s finest beans, creating a seamless flavor experience.
  • Cultivated with Care: Grown in ideal conditions, each bean is a testament to our commitment to quality.
  • A Legacy in Every Sip: Taste the rich history and dedication of generations of coffee craftsmanship.
  • Sustainable Practices: Responsibly grown, ensuring the well-being of our land and its caretakers.
  • Exclusive and Unique: A signature blend that can only be experienced through our estate, offering a distinct coffee journey.

Don’t wait… Try our Estate Blend Specialty Coffee today. You won’t regret it!

Customer Reviews

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Todd Sulzinger
Very tasty coffee

I’ve been enjoying my Cuatro Caminos coffee very much. I use the pour over brewing method and each cup is rich with flavor

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