Green Specialty Coffee, Single Origin, Panama, 30kg Box

Available in 30 kg Boxes. Each box contains two vacuum-sealed 15 kg bags of green coffee. You can select a different lot for each 15 kg bag or the same lot for both bags.

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Cupping Results

FarmVarietyProcessCupping NotesScore
Loma de Los CedrosRed CatuaiWashedSweet orange, butter, caramel, chocolate, toasted nuts86.25
Dona LindaRed CatuaiWashedCitric notes, ripe orange sweetness, butter, caramel, floral notes85.75
Cuatro CaminosRed CatuaiWashedNuts, chocolate, citric notes: orange, caramel, panela, strong coffee character86
Horqueta 3Red CatuaiWashedChocolate, grapefruit, spices, citric85.25
La IndiaRed CatuaiNaturalMaple, wallnut, almendras, liquirice, berries87.5
Horqueta 1MaragogipeNaturalComplex and juicy, notes: strawberry jam, chocolate, long aftertaste89
Horqueta 1PacamaraNaturalCookie, creamy, chocolate, passion fruit, clean, sweet and juicy, clean and intense acidity, creamy body89.5
Horqueta 1PacamaraNaturalCaramel, floral, frutal notes: banana and blueberry, juicy acidity, rainsins, clean aftertaste88.5
Horqueta 1GeishaWashedFruity sweetness: ripe orange, caramel, butter, sugar cane, sligth floral notes (coffee flower), creamy body88.5
Loma de Los CedrosGeishaWashedIntense flavors, yellow lemon juice, lemon grass and sweet floral90.75
Horqueta 1TypicaWashedSweet sugar cane (guarapo), panela, hazelnut, creamy body (medium), citric acidity (medium) and a clean aftertaste.85.75


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