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Direct Trade is fast replacing Fair Trade because buyers want to shorten the supply lines between Growers e Consumers.

Our micro-lots of exportable green coffees are now available to be shipped from our farms at origin in Panama, direct to your door.

When you source green coffee directly from the growers, your purchase has a more significant Impact on the farmers’ lives than when you source through a broker.

In addition to the financial benefits, you can build a relationship with those farmers, tell the story behind every farm, connect your customers with the Growers and give a face and a name to the farmer who produced the coffee.

Below is a breakdown of the lots we currently have available from the current 2023/24 cycle.

For smaller orders, coffee can be vacuum sealed in 15 kg bags, 2 bags per box. For larger orders, coffee can be provided in traditional 60 kg bags.

Contact us today to arrange a quote, request samples and speak with one of our Team members about your coffee needs.

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Lot NumberFarmAltitude (MASL)Varie TypicaProcessiScoreCupping NotesExportable Coffee (lbs)View Lot
Lot 01Horqueta 11,500GeishaLavato87Fruity sweetness: ripe orange, caramel,, sugar cane, sligth floral notes (coffee flower), creamy body68Contact for Quote
Lot 02Horqueta 11,500GeishaNaturale88.5Floral, citric notes, sweet,good balance,fruty.952Contact for Quote
Lot 03Horqueta 11,500MaragogipeNaturale89Complex and juicy, notes: , chocolate, long aftertaste,sweet,spicy,floral.57Contact for Quote
Lot 04Horqueta 11,500PacamaraNaturale87.25Strong coffee character,Cookie, creamy, chocolate, passion, clean, sweet and juicy, clean acidity, creamy body.940Contact for Quote
Lot 05Horqueta 11,500TypicaNaturale86.25sweet, panela,frutty, citric,194Contact for Quote
Lot 06Horqueta 11,500TypicaLavato87Sweet sugar cane (guarapo), panela,, creamy body (medium), citric acidity (medium) and a clean aftertaste.229
Lot 07Horqueta 21,750GeishaNaturale90.5Fruity, lemongrass, peach and caramel swetness, jazmin and complex flower1480Contact for Quote
Lot 08Horqueta 31,580Catuai rossoNaturale86Sweet, caramel.citric,fruty5700Contact for Quote
Lot 09La India1,700Catuai rossoNaturale86.5floral, sweet,citric,berries,chocolate.3725Contact for Quote
Lot 10Loma de Los Cedros1,500GeishaNaturale87.75Sweet floral,citrus, swet,medium body.458Contact for Quote
Lot 11Loma de Los Cedros1,500GeishaLavato87Sweet, caramel.citric,fruty160Contact for Quote
Lot 12Farms Blend1,300 - 1,580Catuai rosso85.75chocolate, nutty, sweet citrus.4000Contact for Quote
Lot 13Loma de Los Cedros1,500Catuai rossoLavato87sweet, fruits, chocolate, panela, orange,good balance4100Contact for Quote
Lot 14Jaramillo Blend1,500 - 1,800Typica & CaturraNaturale85.5sweet, floral, citric,chocolate, good balance.637Contact for Quote

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