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My name is David Sewell, Founder of International Coffee Farms (ICFC).

I am pleased that you have taken the time to read some, or all! of our website describing our unique business model.  ICFC, founded in 2014, is a pioneering effort to redesign the specialty coffee industry, beginning with Panama.

ICFC is in the business of continuously acquiring underperforming suitable raw land properties and producing coffee farms in Panama that can be planted or “turned-around” to become very productive, specialty coffee gourmet quality coffee farms, with the addition of modern coffee farming management practices and investment capital.

The primary operating focus of ICFC is to grow and process specialty gourmet coffee and sell very high quality green coffee, as beans, locally and internationally.

Currently (September 2017) there are 10 coffee farms in the portfolio, including both raw land properties and producing coffee farms.

The current group of farms totals 95 hectares (237 acres). Of this total, about 30 hectares (75 acres) are producing coffee.  The remaining 65 hectares (162 acres) are in the process of being developed into producing farms, over a 3-year period from each farm’s acquisition.

The first annual harvest of coffee was completed in the 2015/2016 season (Oct 2015 through May 2016).  100% of the coffee produced was sold at 94% of the proforma price anticipated. The first annual income distribution was made in October 2016.

ICFC has completed its second annual harvest of coffee for the 2016/2017 season (Oct 2016 through May 2017).  This harvest saw coffee production increase 170% from the first annual harvest.  The increase is from improved farm management practices after acquisition of the initial properties.

The ICFC 2016/2017 crop is 100% sold out.  The second annual income distribution was made in October 2017.


Annual production increases of similar proportions or greater than experienced from 2015/16 to 2016/17 are anticipated in total from the farm portfolio, as time passes and the effects of the company’s “Art of Coffee Science” management practices and capital investments take further effect.

Increases in the sales price per pound are also anticipated annually as the coffee quality grows, also as a result of our farm management practices and capital investments in top quality coffee processing equipment and operating systems.

Substantial increases in the volume and variety of specialty coffee grown and processed will occur over the next 3 years, as each producing farm improves under ICFC management.  165,000 new saplings of varying varietals were added to these farms throughout 2016 and 2017 as a beginning to facilitate this growth.  Consequently, volume will increase rapidly in 2019/2020 (3 years after planting) as the raw land properties mature into producing specialty coffee farms.

If you would like more information about how you may participate in this business, please visit our parent company website at

Thanks for your visit to our business!


David G. Sewell, B.Sc., MBA

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